In the Beginning…

What I Made: A Request for Assistance, and a List

It’s not technically my birthday yet, and the deal was that I would make something every day for at least 365 days following my birthday. So technically I’m not obligated to make something today, but in the interest of building discipline, I figured I’d at least half-ass it and post. I’m building a habit, after all.

So I’m making realizations about how hard this could actually be. For example, I don’t own any quality art supplies anymore, so I’ll need to figure out how to obtain stuff. I’ve decided this is Planning Week.

Also, when you’re dealing with creative block, it’s a difficult time to be creative about ways to make yourself creative.

I did two things to remedy this. First, I went to Facebook with this request: 3588

Here are my favorite suggestions. Some of them terrify me.

  1. An Inktober inspired prompted ink drawing.
  2. A story based on The Ornamental Hermit. 
  3. A handmade wind chime to hang by my hammock, which is my favorite place in the world.
  4. A musique concrete composition.
  5. A painting using no brushes, only things like wool roving, mohair locks, and silks.
  6. A cupcake filled with something interesting.
  7. Writing about memories associated with food.
  8. A mixed CD with full album art.
  9. Art made from autumn things, like acorns and leaves and stuff.
  10. Speaking of autumn, a perfect fall pie.
  11. Day-old Donut bread pudding.
  12. An android app. It has to do something. It can’t just be a static display.
  13. Write about: How to learn life skills and what the heck are they, anyway.
  14. Draw a tattoo for my stepdaughter’s arm.
  15. Write a cathartic political punk rock song.
  16. Since we’re talking about music, someone suggested a vague “Scandinavian folk pop.”
  17. Take something from the inside and put it outside.

So now we have some starting projects.

I also went to the library and obtained a big fat stack of books for inspiration.

My plan now is to organize my ridiculous list of prompts based on how much prep work and planning they’ll require, so I don’t overwhelm myself.

I’m wondering if I’m biting off more than I can chew, but then, I seem to do that a lot.


The thing I made today is a plan, and a collection of resources.

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